New book: Adapting African Agriculture to Climate Change

Adapting African Agriculture to Climate Change: Transforming Rural Livelihoods
Editors: Leal Filho, W., Esilaba, A.O., Rao, K.P.C., Sridhar, G. (Eds.)
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Prof. Walter Leal
ICCIP's Director

This first decade of the 21st Century has shown how much still needs to be done in respect of climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts, but also in respect of communication, education and training on climate change. Therefore, the Decade 2011-2020 needs to be the "Decade of Climate Change Education, Awareness and Training" and ICCIP will be running various projects and will organise many activities, to achieve this goal.

Welcome to ICCIP the International Climate Change Information Programme

World Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation

(WSCCA - 2015)
Manchster, UK, 2-4 September 2015
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9th Graduate Climate Conference

6th – 8th November 2015, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA
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Adaptation Futures 2016

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 10-13 May 2016
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